Weather contingency:

Sk8-Strong will make every effort to ensure the competition takes place as scheduled.  However, since it is an outdoor venue there is the possibility of a weather delay, or even cancellation in an extreme situation.  If the weather will only cause a delay of a couple hours, Sk8-Strong will work to complete the schedule set for that day.  If the weather is severe and prohibits the competition from continuing for the day, it will be resumed the following day with an altered scheduled.


Entry Fee:  One contest, $20, additional contests $10 each, payable at the registration table.

While the Rampage is powered by volunteers it does cost a lot to host the event.  Entry fee money helps cover the costs for venue, on-site medical team, refreshments, restrooms and prizes.

2016 Rocky Mountain Rampage

Schedule -  August 12-14, 2016

Location:       Memorial Skate Park, 1705 E. Pikes Peak Avenue

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