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2017 Rocky Mountain Rampage Results

Rocky Mountain Rampage 2017 Amateur Street Competition Results

Girls U14:

1st        Poe Pinson

2nd       Kendra Long

3rd        Spencer Breaux


Boys U14:

1st        Cage Cocalis

2nd       Lennox Ehlers

3rd        Xander Newell

Top Grom: Early Boggs


Women’s 15+:

1st        Autumn Tust


Men’s 15+

1st        Julian Christianson

2nd       Josh Lingelbach

3rd        Cameron Targozs

Rocky Mountain Rampage 2017 Open Vert Competition Results

Girls U14:
1st Spencer Breaux
2nd Jordan Santana

Boys U14:
1st Shayne McInnis
2nd Xander Newell
3rd Jed Ragan
Top Grom: Ethan Copeland

Women’s Open:
1st Autumn Tust

2nd Arianna Carmona

3rd Amelia Brodka


1st Steve Revord

2nd Darren Naverette

3rd Mike McGill

Legend of Grassroots Skateboarding: Mike McGill

Men’s Open
1st Andy MacDonald
2nd Sandro Dias
3rd Luigi Cini

Rocky Mountain Rampage 2017 Bar-B-Q Bowl Jam Results

Girls U14:

1st    Jordan Santana     

Boys U14:

1st    Quintin LaVille

2nd   Logan Farmer

3rd    Xander Newell


Women’s 15+:

1st     Arianna Carmona 

2nd    Bryce Wettstein

3rd     Spencer Breaux



1st    Chris Patton

2nd   Steve Revord

3rd    Mike McGill

Men’s 15+

1st    Mikey Zion   

2nd   Charlie Martin

3rd    Clay Kriener

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