Promotional Opportunities


The Rocky Mountain Rampage is unique, in that it reaches many demographics with advertising options that are not available through any other means.


Some of these include:


  • Promotional booths and tables

  • Banners onsite, to include the vert ramp which offers visibility from E. Pikes Peak and S. Union and throughout the park and on the bowl barricades.

  • Sk8-Strong Website clickable link on home page

  • Social media promotional shoutouts and links

  • Poster logo placements

  • Major sponsors are eligible for promotions such as:

  • Newspaper ads

  • T-shirt ads

  • Radio promotional acknowledgements

  • Live stream :30 ad spots every 30 minutes

  • VIP parking access

  • VIP tented viewing

  • Naming rights of individual categories (The Rocky Mountain Rampage "Your Company" Women's Vert Competition")

  • Live streamed trophy presentation for sponsored categories

  • Naming rights of the event (The "Your Company" Rocky Mountain Rampage") 


Additional promotional opportunities are available.